Annaatthe Movie Review – Superstar Tries His Best, But The Film Trembles

Annaatthe Movie Review Annaatthe, directed by Shiva, stars Rajinikanth, Nayanthara, Keerthy Suresh and Suri in lead roles. Promises to be a commercial entertainer with loads of emotion.

Annaatthe Movie
Annaatthe Movie

Did this superstar film live up to the expectations, was it as captivating as the filmmaker’s previous film Viswasam and did it lift the mood of the Diwali festival… let’s see.

Annaatthe Movie Complex:

Rajinikanth plays the role of a village panchayat president named Kalyan, he is kind to his people and fights for them when there is a problem. He is very attached to his younger sister played by Keerthy Suresh.

How far will the hero go if a crisis arises for a sister who values ​​her sister more than her life.

Annaatthe Movie Writing/Script:

Director Shiva is known for his simplistic scripts which are easily related to the masses. This time he has chosen the feeling of brother and sister as the center of attraction.

The story is extremely basic without much flow. Events are so random and plot-points come out of nowhere, like a TV serial, with new characters suddenly appearing every few minutes for various lame reasons.

It is as if we are left ignorant without clarity on fate, so the road also becomes messy. How wonderful the struggle and heartwarming feelings were in Viswasam, unfortunately here it is just the opposite.

The character-writing is lackluster for most of them, the treatment of the bromance parts unbearably melodramatic and, with the old school storyline and inconsistent subplots, we don’t get to sympathize with what’s happening on screen.

The script of this flick can be termed as a mixed bag, it is on and off in terms of engagement… The introduction parts are time-passed after a comedy stretch and the quirky tussle between Thalaivar and Prakash Raj in the first hour. There are masala moments, there are also enjoyable ones,

But just after Khushboo and Meena’s uninvited arrival, the pace drops to the lowest level after a point. After waiting longer than expected, we get to enjoy a couple of whistle-worthy collective scenes, but it’s also way past the halfway point.

After a few likeable Good vs Bad face-to-face situations, the final half-hour becomes completely useless with a new villain, needlessly stretched out.

The persuasive punches and philosophical dialogues uttered by Thalaivar are powerful, but the emotions that are conveyed during portions to highlight the sibling relationship could have been much better instead of being so filmy.

Annaatthe Movie Cast:

Rajinikanth is impressive as ever, his trademark style and naughty demeanor are commendable. He has single-handedly carried the entire film on his shoulders and has given his best.

As his sidekick, Suri has entertained many places, the equation between him and Nayak has worked out very well. Nayanthara seems to be just part and parcel of the story, she has very little baggage to do in both the halves but captures some sweet romantic moments with Thalaivar in the opening part.

Keerthy Suresh is considered to be the most important character in the film, but her role was presented in a very old fashioned way, so her performance could not be enjoyed as much.

The film stars a bunch of actors like Khushboo, Meena, Sathish, Satyan, Pandiarajan, Livingston, used as passing clouds – the sad truth is that even without their presence and contribution, it wouldn’t make much difference. . product result.

The lead antagonists are played by Abhimanyu Singh and Jagapathi Babu, as their characterization and scenes were poorly portrayed, there isn’t much of them. Prakash Raj had a good role to play and loved how he deals with the pre-interval setting.

Annaatthe Movie Technical:

Salute to D.Imman for his musical contribution to the film, his background score beautifully elevates even an average scene to a notch, excellent theme tracks are cleverly used throughout the flick.

Also, the songs which were not convincing to listen, they get better with the visuals.

The camaro work is so pleasing from start to finish, cinematographer Vetri puts on a lot of the sequences in a grand manner. He has tried to elevate the protagonist in every possible frame with vibrant color tones and instantly engaging slow-motion shots.

Reuben’s editing is satisfactory, although the cuts are smooth, the overall duration of the film is very long and the story can’t be that long, can’t complain because it’s a collectively made creative decision.

The stunt choreographers to an extent have managed to create efficient weapons to make the superstar fight, but the action sequences are not powerful enough.

Annaatthe Movie Trailer

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