The Tomorrow War Movie Review(2021)

The Tomorrow War Movie Review Rating: 3/5 stars (3 stars)

Star Cast: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovsky, J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, Jasmine Matthews, Ryan Keira Armstrong, Keith Powers

Director: Chris McKeu

The Tomorrow War Movie Review
The Tomorrow War Movie Review

What’s cool: The ‘Zack Snyder’ style of cinematography and there’s a special reason for it

What’s worse: 130 minutes of run-time which includes not only ‘war of tomorrow’ but also ‘war of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow’.

Loo Break: Choose any non-action scene, load it!

WATCH OR NOT?: If this review excites you, go ahead!

The Tomorrow War movie review: Script analysis

Zach Dean’s story is too ambitious for a film that doesn’t push any technical limits. When you hear words like time-travel in movies, father and daughter relationship, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is the first thing that comes to your mind. These are the two major sub-plots that make up most of the film’s anthology. Around 100 minutes in,

there comes a perfect moment where the producers could have ended it while keeping the rest of it for the sequel (probably titled as “Day After Tomorrow War”). But no, it packs too many things to even start counting. Juggling amid Forrester’s inner journey to capture the spirit of ‘the world is soon ending’, Dean’s story loses its novelty value sooner than it should.

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This is also partly to be blamed on the arrogantly scattered editing of Roger Barton and Garrett Elkins. Barton makes the same mistake he’s making with the Terminator series when it comes to editing, lengthening things into disarray.

Involving alumni of the Zack Snyder School of Filmmaking, Larry Fong’s slick camerawork gives you the best of the film’s moments. All the alien-chasing sequences in abandoned buildings are a big-screen treat, thanks to Fong’s camerawork and slick action choreography.

The Tomorrow War movie review: Star performance

Chris Pratt has always been a loving adult and that’s why he can move forward with the utmost confidence as a caring father, passionate leader and a lost son. He fits the bill physically as well as mentally.

Yvonne Strahovsky gets enough meat as Dan’s daughter Murrie proves to be an essential link to the mission. From a confident soldier to someone who is somehow at odds with his father who is already dead, Yvonne displays an impressive range.

After this various directors J.K. Simmons, it makes it hard to expect a mediocre project from him. But, it is. Simmons’ eccentric strategy helps the character stay relevant in the picture. As Betty Gilpin, Pratt’s love interest, there isn’t a single scene through which you can judge her.

The Tomorrow War movie review: Direction, Music

Chris McKay follows a similar path to all Alien/Zombie Invasion movies that rely heavily on the adventures brought on by the creatures. Like every other such movie, with Aliens comes a saturation point and that’s not good. McKay makes sure to end it on a high note, but unfortunately, he’s too late for it.

From Hans Zimmer’s music school, Lorne Balfe certainly evokes style and substance with his quirky appearance. His love for jazz shines through in his musical pieces.

The Tomorrow War Movie Review: The Last Word

all said and done; War of Tomorrow can be a gripping ride if alien invasion movies are your thing. Backed with astonishing performance, it is not flawless; It comes with its perceived drawbacks.

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